Swimsuit Ready 6-Pack

$150.00 $120.00

Perfect for Getting your Toes Wet

This season, the best way to ensure you’re crushing the rosé life is to not get caught without it! Our limited-edition rosé boxes are delivered straight to your door, featuring a variety of our favorite regions, producers, and grape varieties.

Whether you're stocking the fridge or hanging poolside, this 6-pack is the perfect primer. Hey, if these bottles vanish too quickly, then we like your style - and we've got your back! Reordering is just a few clicks away. No subscription is necessary. 

Don't miss your chance to receive these deliciously thirst-quenching boxes-- because no summer season is complete without a consistently flowing supply of rosé!

Each Swimsuit Ready 6-Pack contains 2 bottles each from 3 of our go-to, 'real deal' rosé producers from around the globe. Check out some of the current wines in rotation here.

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