Hermann J Wiemer Riesling Dry Finger Lakes 2018

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Hermann Wiemer is one of the OG pioneers of viticulture in the Finger Lakes. Originally from Bernkastel, Germany, Wiemer immigrated to the States back in the 1960s. Upon his arrival in the Finger Lakes, Wiemer was amazed by the region’s climate and soil similarities to that of his native Mosel. Wiemer used the grafting skills he learned from his father to successfully plant one of the first vinifera vineyards on Seneca Lake during the mid 1970s. The winery has been operated by Fred Merwath (Wiemer’s longtime apprentice) and Oskar Bynke since 2007. The duo focuses on creating pure and precise varietal Rieslings that distinctly reflect the place from which they come. Fruit for their signature Dry Riesling comes from three organically farmed vineyard sites in the Finger Lakes and is harvested at Spatlese level ripeness, leading to a textured, acid-driven wine marked by a lingering finish.